Let's finalise some details...

Payment Information

PayID: 0424448486

Payment Description:
The date of the lesson you are paying for, as this helps to easily keep track and avoid any possible payment confusions

Payment is preferably made before each lesson as this reduces any issues with outstanding payments

Lesson Changes

  • Lessons are scheduled as a weekly recurrence all year round.

  • If you need to CANCEL OR CHANGE a lesson, please make sure to provide at least 24 HOURS NOTICE in advance. This is necessary to avoid being charged the full fee for the lesson.

  • Only if sufficient notice is given can an alternative lesson time be rescheduled.

  • Giving notice is essential for scheduling, considering other students, offering the spot to others, and ensuring fees and time are covered. It also provides flexibility compared to being locked into non-refundable term payments.

  • Out of courtesy please provide as much notice as possible of any changes via EMAIL ONLY, as it's a lot easier to keep track and manage everything and everyone in one place.

Online Platform

  • Before our lesson I'll need you to create a free Skype account and let me know what your username is so I can add you.

  • Please also add me by searching for my email address - hello@musicwithklara.com

  • I will start the call for our lesson on Skype when I am done with any prior students.